Been a while again!

Been a while again!


So it’s been quite a while i think over 3 months i haven’t posted. I’ve been really busy with course work from college, i have about a month left i can’t believe it. Some sad news was told to us about college, the floristry department has been made redundant so there won’t be any more floristry courses running which is a real shame. I was thinking about doing my level 4 but with the shop getting busier i just don’t think it’s the right time. I do want to do my level 4 and even 5 when the time is right maybe one day but at the moment i’m focusing on my business.

It still feels like it was christmas 5 minutes ago like spring is here and its nearly summer, this year has flown by. I got a new camera today, i love it. I always wanted one of them cameras when you have to look threw the lense and to be good at focusing on small things up close which it does! So I’m super motivated to take lots of pictures of pretty things. I got it mostly to take good pictures of my floristry work and venues dressed for when my mum dresses them and to post onto our websites facebook. Anyway heres some pictures of my cats, dog and flowers πŸ™‚

Sleepy Jasper!
Sleepy Jasper!
Alert Jasper !
Alert Jasper!
I think fox gloves?
I think fox gloves?
My strawberries look so good this year, they seem taller and generally look healthier and i got my self a pink flowered one which you can’t see i think pic but yeah πŸ™‚
Love this one!
Don’t know the name of this but it’s a tree from our neighbours garden coming over our fence, has a lovely scent reminds me of wisteria i quite like it.
Caught him about to pounce of something !
Love the forms of these ferns
I planted a hydrangea about 2-3 months ago? it was blue and like i thought it wouldn’t stay blue for long its turning pink now but the plant it’s self doesn’t look so happy, i think i may of planted it in a patch that gets too much sun but in the afternoon it doesn’t get any sun as the house blocks it. I don’t know i’ll just wait and see!
Gorgeous peonie!

IMG_0333 IMG_0337 IMG_0343 IMG_0351 IMG_0353 IMG_0357 IMG_0365 IMG_0368 IMG_0369 IMG_0375 IMG_0376 IMG_0388



Already February, time is going so quick it feels like Christmas 5 minutes ago. So my sweet peas seem to be going okay, I’m pinching the tops not like i did last year and there are side shoots coming out some of them. Watched the final of the big allotment challenge and can i just say I’ve really enjoyed the series. I didn’t really care who won at the end of it, was just fun seeing everyone’s garden and the amount of flowers they grew. Watching the final tonight they mentioned cauliflowers, no wonder i haven’t been able to produce one when they’re meant to be hard to grow!

I sowed some stock, sunflower and cucumber seeds tonight. I just want it to be spring already!! My windowsill is full of germinating seeds. I sowed some Chinese parsley too when i sowed the sweet peas and that seems to be going well, sowed a few too many but ah well. One problem i have had though… which i didn’t think would end up happening is soil everywhere on my floor. We have 5 cats and only 2 of them rarely come upstairs, i think Pebble’s my brothers cat had been a bit nosey and basically made a patch for her bottom to sit… my lithops unfortunately felt the consequences.

I think i might invest in one of them small walk in green houses for tomatoes and cucumbers this year. I have my cold frame but i struggled fitting everything in it last year. I think i saw one in B&M for like Β£19.99, but at that price you think is it worth it probably not good quality anyway and will probably fall apart at the first gust of wind.

Catching up on college, mostly theory work i just have to catch up on now. The designs we have been doing lately are lovely and a lot different to the hand tied unit we did last year in level 2. I will add some pictures of designs I’ve done recently from college. Funeral unit next, did a doubled ended spray and wreath last Thursday, used lovely flowers for them.

My florist is doing good at the minute, we’re getting busier. Compared to this time of the year last year, we’re so much busier which is a great sign. We’re getting booked up for weddings and we had a big one last weekend which i worked long hours for. Birdcages with a ring of gypsophila, and a pastel coloured bridal bouquet. Was a lovely wedding and my mum dressed the venue and it looked stunning. Will post some pictures of that too πŸ™‚

Here’s some pictures of designs I’ve done recently at college –






Sweet pea!

Sweet pea!

We’re just over half way into January, can you believe that!? So I’ve sowed some sweet peas just over a week ago, there already about 7-8cm high. I can’t wait to get out into the garden. This year I’m defiantly going to focus on more flower growing this year. Still going to do tomatoes, runner beans, strawberries and maybe another cucalemon? I’m going to really focus on sweet peas, I got one flower last year and that one flower was amazingly scented and it’s gave me motivation to really stick at getting a good few to flower this year. I bought a peonie bulb today and some stock seeds, going to sow them the 1st of feb like it says on the packet. Would really appreciate some tips on growing peonies and stocks as I’ve never grown them before! Few other flowers I’m going to have ago at are sunflowers and a few others which I can’t remember the names of at the moment! I’m so excited! I feel like I’ve really learnt so much over the past year with flowers, more so cut flowers as I am a florist but I want to learn more on how to grow them too, I find the whole experience exciting and coming home and seeing the difference of growth really makes me happy. I think I’m defiantly moving towards more scented flowers. I’ve been watching great british garden revival and the allotment challenge, can I just say all the contestants did really well on the candelabras this week! Anyway here’s a picture of my sweet peas shooting up, this pic was took a few days ago so they’ve grown a bit more πŸ™‚




Had a lovely Christmas spending time with family and eating lots! Though I do have the flu which was a bit annoying! Very grateful for all the presents I got. It’s gone by too quick, only had Christmas Day and Boxing Day off as I had a wedding yesterday and today. They were both tear drop bouquets and I must say free flowing tear drops are one of my favourite bridal bouquets. One of them had open white lilys in it and looked lovely. Here are some pictures of the flowers I did for the weddings πŸ™‚








And here’s some thank you bouquets for the weddings πŸ™‚



A little update!

A little update!

So it been a while again, been busy with college and the shop. More so the shop! Missed a bit of college as my mum has not been to well and its having an operation next week. The shop is definitely more busier this year round at Christmas. Been making some really big bouquets lately which i admit i do struggle with and have to ask for a little help with my mum as my hands are so small! What I’m missing at the moment though is being in the garden! The sun shining and the feel of heat. I do love Christmas don’t get me wrong, i love the snow ( the look of it, not so much being in it) but i love the decorations and doing christmassy things at the shop!

Will have to post a few pics of things I’ve been making at the shop soon πŸ™‚



Currently feeling guilty because I’ve nearly ate a whole bag of haribo’s and eaten far to many take aways recently. I think the hecticness of weddings is over, after the weekend just gone i dont have 3 on the same weekend, so i feel good, i feel relaxed. When you’ve got 2 weddings a weekend thats fine, but 3 just pushes me. Got my enrolment date for going back to college, pretty excited. I’ve really enjoyed working all summer just at the shop, but excited to learn some different things, im hoping level 3 really pushes me. I’m turning 19 next month, so weird this year has gone far too fast for my liking. I’ve learnt so much and gained so much confidence and it makes me feel more reassured.Β 

The weather is starting to get a little cooler now, haven’t had a full day of hot sun in about a week, so does that mean summers ending? it felt like we had summer for 2 weeks and thats it, we did have some pretty hot weather though i was sweating working at the shop some days. And the plants out the front get fried, its so hard to keep them all watered regularly when your busy. I think its going to die down though so I’m going to have a good sort out of the shop.

Thanks for reading, i do babble on about random stuff lolΒ 

Floristry videos

Floristry videos

Currently sat in bed chilling out before i go to sleep, my first day off tomorrow in 2 weeks. I enjoy work and the wedding fayres we do but it is long hours and i think everyone needs a break now and then and i lay in! That what im looking forward to most, not having to get up.

Thought i would recommend a youtube channel which i love for floristry videos, its called Widdups and a florist called Neil Whittaker makes videos with tutorials on how to do certain hand tieds and other designs, i love it! Check em out, the company actually sell cello and gift bags which we buy and there lovely!ΒΒ